Safe Speed on Austin Roadways with Bicycle Paths


Subasish Das, A.K.M. Abir, Sirajum Munira

June 3, 2017



  • Austin Bicycle Crashes
  • Data to Hack
  • Now what?

Why is Speed Important?

  • Kinetic Energy. Many studies associated higher speed with severity of bicycle crashes.
  • One past study showed that the risk of severe injury of non-motorized riders is 10 percent at an impact speed of 16 mph, 25 percent at 23 mph, 50 percent at 31 mph, 75 percent at 39 mph, and 90 percent at 46 mph.

What to Hack?

  • Austin Bicycle Crash Data (2011-2015)
  • Austin Traffic Volume Data
  • Austin Bicycle Path Road Geometry
  • Austin Bicycle Volume Data
  • Austin’s Newly Released Bluetooth Data for Vehicle Speed

Data Sources

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