Best Paper Awards in Data Science (since 1996)


This page is designed based on the page curated by Dr. Jeff Huang. This page adds two changes: adding online pdf source instead of google scholar links, and specific focus on Data Science.

From Huang's Page: Much of this data was entered by hand (obtained by contacting past conference organizers, retrieving cached conference websites, and searching CVs) so please email me if you notice any errors or omissions: I tried to collect best paper awards from the top-tier conferences in each area, but some conferences do not have such an award (e.g. SIGGRAPH, CAV). "Distinguished paper award" and "outstanding paper award" are included but not "best student paper" (e.g. NIPS) or "best 10-year old paper" (e.g. POPL).

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Curated by: Subasish Das

AAAI (Artificial Intelligence)
2014 Recovering from Selection Bias in Causal and Statistical Inference Elias Bareinboim, University of California Los Angeles; et al.
Jin Tian, Iowa State University
Judea Pearl, University of California Los Angeles
2013 HC-Search: Learning Heuristics and Cost Functions for Structured PredictionJanardhan Rao Doppa, Oregon State University; et al.
Alan Fern, Oregon State University
Prasad Tadepalli, Oregon State University
SMILe: Shuffled Multiple-Instance LearningGary Doran & Soumya Ray, Case Western Reserve University
2012Learning SVM Classifiers with Indefinite KernelsSuicheng Gu & Yuhong Guo, Temple University
Document Summarization Based on Data ReconstructionZhanying He, Zhejiang University; et al.
Chun Chen, Zhejiang University
Jiajun Bu, Zhejiang University
Can Wang, Zhejiang University
Lijan Zhang, Zhejiang University
Deng Cai, Zhejiang University
Xiaofei He, Zhejiang University
2011Dynamic Resource Allocation in Conservation PlanningDaniel Golovin, California Institute of Technology; et al.
Andreas Krause, ETH Zurich
Beth Gardner, North Carolina State University
Sarah J. Converse, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Steve Morey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Complexity of and Algorithms for Borda ManipulationJessica Davies, University of Toronto; et al.
George Katsirelos, Université Paris-Sud
Nina Narodytska, University of New South Wales
Toby Walsh, NICTA
2010How Incomplete Is Your Semantic Web Reasoner? Systematic Analysis of the Completeness of Query Ans...Giorgos Stoilos, Oxford University; et al.
Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Oxford University
Ian Horrocks, Oxford University
A Novel Transition Based Encoding Scheme for Planning as SatisfiabilityRuoyun Huang, Washington University in St. Louis; et al.
Yixin Chen, Washington University in St. Louis
Weixiong Zhang, Washington University in St. Louis
2008How Good is Almost Perfect?Malte Helmert & Gabriele Röger, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Optimal False-Name-Proof Voting Rules with Costly VotingLiad Wagman & Vincent Conitzer, Duke University
2007PLOW: A Collaborative Task Learning AgentJames Allen, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition; et al.
Nathanael Chambers, Stanford University
George Ferguson, University of Rochester
Lucian Galescu, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
Hyuckchul Jung, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
Mary Swift, University of Rochester
William Taysom, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
Thresholded Rewards: Acting Optimally in Timed, Zero-Sum GamesColin McMillen & Manuela Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University
2006Model Counting: A New Strategy for Obtaining Good BoundsCarla P. Gomes, Cornell University; et al.
Ashish Sabharwal, Cornell University
Bart Selman, Cornell University
Towards an Axiom System for Default LogicGerhard Lakemeyer, RWTH Aachen University
Hector J. Levesque, University of Toronto
2005The Max K- Armed Bandit: A New Model of Exploration Applied to Search Heuristic SelectionVincent A. Cicirello, Drexel University
Stephen F. Smith, Carnegie Mellon University
2004Learning and Inferring Transportation RoutinesLin Liao, University of Washington; et al.
Dieter Fox, University of Washington
Henry Kautz, University of Washington
2002On Computing All Abductive ExplanationsThomas Eiter, Technische Universität Wien
Kazuhisa Makino, Osaka University
2000The Game of Hex: An Automatic Theorem-Proving Approach to Game ProgrammingVadim V. Anshelevich, Vanshel Consulting
1999PROVERB: The Probabilistic CruciverbalistGreg A. Keim, Duke University; et al.
Noam M. Shazeer, Duke University
Michael L. Littman, Duke University
Sushant Agarwal, Duke University
Catherine M. Cheves, Duke University
Joseph Fitzgerald, Duke University
Jason Grosland, Duke University
Fan Jiang, Duke University
Shannon Pollard, Duke University
Karl Weinmeister, Duke University
1998Learning Evaluation Functions for Global Optimization and Boolean SatisfiabilityJustin A. Boyan & Andrew W. Moore, Carnegie Mellon University
Acceleration Methods for Numeric CSPsYahia Lebbah & Olivier Lhomme, Ecole des Mines de Nantes
The Interactive Museum Tour-Guide RobotWolfram Burgard, University of Bonn; et al.
Armin B. Cremers, University of Bonn
Dieter Fox, University of Bonn
Dirk Hähnel, University of Bonn
Gerhard Lakemeyer, Aachen University of Technology
Dirk Schulz, University of Bonn
Walter Steiner, University of Bonn
Sebastian Thrun, Carnegie Mellon University
1997Statistical Parsing with a Context-Free Grammar and Word StatisticsEugene Charniak, Brown University
A Practical Algorithm for Finding Optimal TriangulationsKrill Shoikhet & Dan Geiger, Technion
Fast Context Switching in Real-Time Propositional ReasoningP. Pandurang Nayak & Brian C. Williams, NASA Ames Research Center
Building Concept Representations from Reusable ComponentsPeter Clark, Boeing
Bruce Porter, University of Texas at Austin
1996Verification of Knowledge Bases Based on Containment CheckingAlon Y. Levy, AT&T Laboratories
Marie-Christine Rousset, Université Paris-Sud
A Novel Application of Theory Refinement to Student ModelingPaul T. Baffes, SciComp
Raymond J. Mooney, University of Texas at Austin
Pushing the Envelope: Planning, Propositional Logic, and Stochastic SearchHenry Kautz & Bart Selman, AT&T Laboratories
IJCAI (Artificial Intelligence)
2013 Bayesian Optimization in High Dimensions via Random EmbeddingsZiyu Wang, University of British Columbia; et al.
Masrour Zoghi, University of Amsterdam
Frank Hutter, Freiberg University
David Matheson, University of British Columbia
Nando de Freitas, University of British Columbia
Flexibility and Decoupling in the Simple Temporal ProblemMichel Wilson, Delft University of Technology; et al.
Tomas Klos, Delft University of Technology
Cees Witteveen, Delft University of Technology
Bob Huisman, Delft University of Technology
2011Unweighted Coalitional Manipulation Under the Borda Rule is NP-HardNadja Betzler, Technische Universität Berlin; et al.
Rolf Niedermeier, Technische Universität Berlin
Gerhard J. Woeginger, Technische Universität Eindhoven
Nested Rollout Policy Adaptation for Monte Carlo Tree SearchChristopher D. Rosin, Parity Computing
On the Decidability of Connectedness Constraints in 2D and 3D Euclidean SpacesRoman Kontchakov, Birkbeck College London; et al.
Yavor Nenov, University of Manchester
Ian Pratt-Hartmann, University of Manchester
Michael Zakharyaschev, Birkbeck College London
2009Consequence-Driven Reasoning for Horn SHIQ OntologiesYevgeny Kazakov, University of Oxford
Learning Conditional Preference Networks with QueriesFrederic Koriche, Université Montpellier II
Bruno Zanuttini, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie
2007Automated Heart Wall Motion Abnormality Detection From Ultrasound Images using Bayesian NetworksMaleeha Qazi, Siemens Medical Solutions; et al.
Glenn Fung, Siemens Medical Solutions
Sriram Krishnan, Siemens Medical Solutions
Romer Rosales, Siemens Medical Solutions
Harald Steck, Siemens Medical Solutions
R. Bharat Rao, Siemens Medical Solutions
Don Polderman, Erasmus University Medical Center
Dhanalakshmi Chandrasekaran, No Affiliation
Building Structure into Local Search for SATDuc Nghia Pham, Griffith University; et al.
John Thornton, Griffith University
Abdul Sattar, Griffith University
Performance Analysis of Online Anticipatory Algorithms for Large Multistage Stochastic Integer Pro...Luc Mercier & Pascal Van Hentenryck, Brown University
2005Learning Coordination ClassifiersYuhong Guo, University of Alberta; et al.
Russell Greiner, University of Alberta
Dale Schuurmans, University of Alberta
Solving CheckersJonathan Schaeffer, University of Alberta; et al.
Yngvi Bjornsson, University of Alberta
Neil Burch, University of Alberta
Akihiro Kishimoto, University of Alberta
Martin Muller, University of Alberta
Robert Lake, University of Alberta
Paul Lu, University of Alberta
Steve Sutphen, University of Alberta
A Probabilistic Model of Redundancy in Information ExtractionDoug Downey, University of Washington; et al.
Oren Etzioni, University of Washington
Stephen Soderland, University of Washington
2003Approximating Game-Theoretic Optimal Strategies for Full-scale PokerDarse Billings, University of Alberta; et al.
Neil Burch, University of Alberta
Aaron Davidson, University of Alberta
Robert Holte, University of Alberta
Jonathan Schaeffer, University of Alberta
Terence Schauenberg, University of Alberta
Duane Szafron, University of Alberta
Thin Junction Tree Filters for Simultaneous Localization and MappingMark A. Paskin, University of California Berkeley
2001Complexity Results for Structure-Based CausalityThomas Eiter & Thomas Lukasiewicz, Vienna University of Technology
1999Learning in Natural LanguageDan Roth, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
A Distributed Case-Based Reasoning Application for Engineering Sales SupportIan Watson, University of Salford
Dan Gardingen, Western Air
1997Object Identification in a Bayesian ContextTimothy Huang & Stuart Russell, University of California Berkeley
Translingual Information Retrieval: A Comparative EvaluationJaime G. Carbonell, Carnegie Mellon University; et al.
Yiming Yang, Carnegie Mellon University
Robert E. Frederking, Carnegie Mellon University
Ralf D. Brown, Carnegie Mellon University
Yibing Geng, Carnegie Mellon University
Danny Lee, Carnegie Mellon University
Applications of the Situation Calculus to Formalizing Control and Strategic Information: The Prolo...Fangzhen Lin, The Hongkong University of Science and Technology
ACL (Natural Language Processing)
2014 Fast and Robust Neural Network Joint Models for Statistical Machine TranslationJacob Devlin, Raytheon BBN Technologies; et al.
Rabih Zbib, Raytheon BBN Technologies
Zhongqiang Huang, Raytheon BBN Technologies
Thomas Lamar, Raytheon BBN Technologies
Richard Schwartz, Raytheon BBN Technologies
John Makhoul, Raytheon BBN Technologies
2013Grounded Language Learning from Video Described with SentencesHaonan Yu & Jeffrey Mark Siskind, Purdue University
2012String Re-writing KernelFan Bu, Tsinghua University; et al.
Hang Li, Microsoft Research
Xiaoyan Zhu, Tsinghua University
Bayesian Symbol-Refined Tree Substitution Grammars for Syntactic ParsingHiroyuki Shindo, NTT Communication Science Laboratories; et al.
Yusuke Miyao, National Institute of Informatics
Akinori Fujino, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Masaaki Nagata, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
2011Unsupervised Part-of-Speech Tagging with Bilingual Graph-Based ProjectionsDipanjan Das, Carnegie Mellon University
Slav Petrov, Google
2010Beyond NomBank: A Study of Implicit Arguments for Nominal PredicatesMatthew Gerber & Joyce Y. Chai, Michigan State University
2009Reinforcement Learning for Mapping Instructions to ActionsS.R.K. Branavan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; et al.
Harr Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Luke S. Zettlemoyer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Regina Barzilay, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
K-Best A* ParsingAdam Pauls & Dan Klein, University of California Berkeley
Concise Integer Linear Programming Formulations for Dependency ParsingAndré F.T. Martins, Instituto de Telecomunicações; et al.
Noah A. Smith, Carnegie Mellon University
Eric P. Xing, Carnegie Mellon University
2008Forest Reranking: Discriminative Parsing with Non-Local FeaturesLiang Huang, University of Pennsylvania
A New String-to-Dependency Machine Translation Algorithm with a Target Dependency Language ModelLibin Shen, BBN Technologies; et al.
Jinxi Xu, BBN Technologies
Ralph Weischedel, BBN Technologies
2007Learning synchronous grammars for semantic parsing with lambda calculusYuk Wah Wong & Raymond J. Mooney, University of Texas at Austin
2006Semantic taxonomy induction from heterogenous evidenceRion Snow, Stanford University; et al.
Daniel Jurafsky, Stanford University
Andrew Y. Ng, Stanford University
2005A Hierarchical Phrase-Based Model for Statistical Machine TranslationDavid Chiang, University of Maryland
2004Finding Predominant Word Senses in Untagged TextDiana McCarthy, University of Sussex; et al.
Rob Koeling, University of Sussex
Julie Weeds, University of Sussex
John Carroll, University of Sussex
2003Accurate Unlexicalized ParsingDan Klein & Christopher D. Manning, Stanford University
Towards a Model of Face-to-Face GroundingYukiko I. Nakano, RISTEX; et al.
Gabe Reinstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tom Stocky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Justine Cassell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2002Discriminative Training and Maximum Entropy Models for Statistical Machine TranslationFranz Josef Och & Hermann Ney, RWTH Aachen University
2001Immediate-Head Parsing for Language ModelsEugene Charniak, Brown University
Fast Decoding and Optimal Decoding for Machine TranslationUlrich Germann, University of Southern California; et al.
Michael Jahr, Stanford University
Kevin Knight, University of Southern California
Daniel Marcu, University of Southern California
Kenji Yamada, University of Southern California
ICML (Machine Learning)
2014 Understanding the Limiting Factors of Topic Modeling via Posterior Contraction AnalysisJian Tang, Peking University; et al.
Zhaoshi Meng, University of Michigan
XuanLong Nguyen, University of Michigan
Qiaozhu Mei, University of Michigan
Ming Zhang, Peking University
2013Vanishing Component AnalysisRoi Livni, The Hebrew University of Jerusalum; et al.
David Lehavi, Hewlett-Packard Labs
Sagi Schein, Hewlett-Packard Labs
Hila Nachlieli, Hewlett-Packard Labs
Shai Shalev Shwartz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalum
Amir Globerson, The Hebrew University of Jerusalum
Fast Semidifferential-based Submodular Function OptimizationRishabh Iyer, University of Washington; et al.
Stefanie Jegelka, University of California Berkeley
Jeff Bilmes, University of Washington
2012Bayesian Posterior Sampling via Stochastic Gradient Fisher ScoringSungjin Ahn, University of California Irvine; et al.
Anoop Korattikara, University of California Irvine
Max Welling, University of California Irvine
2011Computational Rationalization: The Inverse Equilibrium ProblemKevin Waugh, Carnegie Mellon University; et al.
Brian Ziebart, Carnegie Mellon University
Drew Bagnell, Carnegie Mellon University
2010Hilbert Space Embeddings of Hidden Markov ModelsLe Song, Carnegie Mellon University; et al.
Byron Boots, Carnegie Mellon University
Sajid M. Siddiqi, Google
Geoffrey Gordon, Carnegie Mellon University
Alex Smola, Yahoo! Research
2009 Structure preserving embeddingBlake Shaw & Tony Jebara, Columbia University
2008SVM Optimization: Inverse Dependence on Training Set SizeShai Shalev-Shwartz & Nathan Srebro, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
2007 Information-theoretic metric learningJason V. Davis, University of Texas at Austin; et al.
Brian Kulis, University of Texas at Austin
Prateek Jain, University of Texas at Austin
Suvrit Sra, University of Texas at Austin
Inderjit S. Dhillon, University of Texas at Austin
2006 Trading convexity for scalabilityRonan Collobert, NEC Labs America; et al.
Fabian Sinz, NEC Labs America
Jason Weston, NEC Labs America
Léon Bottou, NEC Labs America
2005A support vector method for multivariate performance measuresThorsten Joachims, Cornell University
1999Least-Squares Temporal Difference LearningJustin A. Boyan, NASA Ames Research Center
SIGIR (Information Retrieval)
2014 Partitioned Elias-Fano IndexesGiuseppe Ottaviano, Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione
Rossano Venturini, Università di Pisa
2013 Beliefs and Biases in Web SearchRyen W. White, Microsoft Research
2012 Time-Based Calibration of Effectiveness MeasuresMark Smucker & Charles Clarke, University of Waterloo
2011 Find It If You Can: A Game for Modeling Different Types of Web Search Success Using Interaction DataMikhail Ageev, Moscow State University; et al.
Qi Guo, Emory University
Dmitry Lagun, Emory University
Eugene Agichtein, Emory University
2010 Assessing the Scenic Route: Measuring the Value of Search Trails in Web LogsRyen W. White, Microsoft Research
Jeff Huang, University of Washington
2009 Sources of evidence for vertical selectionJaime Arguello, Carnegie Mellon University; et al.
Fernando Diaz, Yahoo! Research
Jamie Callan, Carnegie Mellon University
Jean-Francois Crespo, Yahoo! Research
2008 Algorithmic Mediation for Collaborative Exploratory SearchJeremy Pickens, FX Palo Alto Lab; et al.
Gene Golovchinsky, FX Palo Alto Lab
Chirag Shah, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pernilla Qvarfordt, FX Palo Alto Lab
Maribeth Back, FX Palo Alto Lab
2007 Studying the Use of Popular Destinations to Enhance Web Search InteractionRyen W. White, Microsoft Research; et al.
Mikhail Bilenko, Microsoft Research
Silviu Cucerzan, Microsoft Research
2006 Minimal Test Collections for Retrieval EvaluationBen Carterette, University of Massachusetts Amherst; et al.
James Allan, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Ramesh Sitaraman, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2005 Learning to estimate query difficulty: including applications to missing content detection and dis...Elad Yom-Tov, IBM Research; et al.
Shai Fine, IBM Research
David Carmel, IBM Research
Adam Darlow, IBM Research
2004 A Formal Study of Information Retrieval HeuristicsHui Fang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; et al.
Tao Tao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
ChengXiang Zhai, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2003 Re-examining the potential effectiveness of interactive query expansionIan Ruthven, University of Strathclyde
2002 Novelty and redundancy detection in adaptive filteringYi Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University; et al.
Jamie Callan, Carnegie Mellon University
Thomas Minka, Carnegie Mellon University
2001 Temporal summaries of new topicsJames Allan, University of Massachusetts Amherst; et al.
Rahul Gupta, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Vikas Khandelwal, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2000 IR evaluation methods for retrieving highly relevant documentsKalervo Järvelin & Jaana Kekäläinen, University of Tampere
1999 Cross-language information retrieval based on parallel texts and automatic mining of parallel text...Jian-Yun Nie, Université de Montréal; et al.
Michel Simard, Université de Montréal
Pierre Isabelle, Université de Montréal
Richard Durand, Université de Montréal
1998 A theory of term weighting based on exploratory data analysisWarren R. Greiff, University of Massachusetts Amherst
1997 Feature selection, perceptron learning, and a usability case study for text categorizationHwee Tou Ng, DSO National Laboratories; et al.
Wei Boon Goh, Ministry of Defence
Kok Leong Low, Ministry of Defence
1996 Retrieving spoken documents by combining multiple index sourcesGareth Jones, University of Cambridge; et al.
Jonathan Foote, University of Cambridge
Karen Spärck Jones, University of Cambridge
Steve Young, University of Cambridge
CIKM (Knowledge Management)
2014 Cross-Device SearchGeorge Montanez, Carnegie Mellon University; et al.
Ryen White, Microsoft Research
Xiao Huang, Microsoft
2013Penguins in Sweaters, or Serendipitous Entity Search on User-generated ContentIlaria Bordino, Yahoo! Research; et al.
Yelena Mejova, Yahoo! Research
Mounia Lalmas, Yahoo! Research
2012Gelling, and Melting, Large Graphs by Edge ManipulationHanghang Tong, IBM Research; et al.
B. Aditya Prakash, Virginia Tech
Tina Eliassi-Rad, Rutgers University
Michalis Faloutsos, University of California Riverside
Christos Faloutsos, Carnegie Mellon University
2011Intent-aware query similarityJiafeng Guo, Chinese Academy of Sciences; et al.
Xueqi Cheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Gu Su, Microsoft Research
Xiaofei Zhu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2010MENTA: Inducing Multilingual Taxonomies from WikipediaGerard de Melo & Gerhard Weikum, Max Planck Institut
FACeTOR: cost-driven exploration of faceted query resultsAbhijith Kashyap, State University of New York at Buffalo; et al.
Vagelis Hristidis, Florida International University
Michalis Petropoulos, State University of New York at Buffalo
2009On the Feasibility of Multi-Site Web Search EnginesRicardo Baeza-Yates, Yahoo! Research; et al.
Aristides Gionis, Yahoo! Research
Flavio Junqueira, Yahoo! Research
Vassilis Plachouras, Yahoo! Research
Luca Telloli, Yahoo! Research
2008Learning to Link with WikipediaDavid Milne & Ian H. Witten, University of Waikato
2007Autonomously Semantifying WikipediaFei Wu & Daniel S. Weld, University of Washington
2006Discovering and Exploiting Keyword and Attribute-Value Co-occurrences to Improve P2P Routing IndicesSegabtian Michel, Max Planck Institut; et al.
Matthias Bender, Max Planck Institut
Nikos Ntarmos, RACTI and University of Patras
Peter Triantafillou, RACTI and University of Patras
Gerhard Weikum, Max Planck Institut
Christian Zimmer, Max Planck Institut
2005Towards Automatic Association of Relevant Unstructured Content with Structured Query ResultsPrasan Roy, IBM Research; et al.
Mukesh Mohania, IBM Research
Bhuvan Bamba, Georgia Institute of Technology
Shree Raman, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2004Discovering Frequently Changing Structures from Historical Structural Deltas of Unordered XMLQiankun Zhao, Nanyang Technological University; et al.
Sourav S Bhowmick, Nanyang Technological University
Mukesh Mohania, IBM Research
Yahiko Kambayashi, Kyoto University
KDD (Data Mining)
2014 Reducing the Sampling Complexity of Topic ModelsAaron Li, Carnegie Mellon University; et al.
Amr Ahmed, Google
Sujith Ravi, Google
Alexander Smola, Carnegie Mellon University
2013Simple and Deterministic Matrix SketchingEdo Liberty, Yahoo! Research
2012 Searching and Mining Trillions of Time Series Subsequences under Dynamic Time WarpingThanawin Rakthanmanon, University of California Riverside; et al.
Bilson Campana, University of California Riverside
Abdullah Mueen, University of California Riverside
Gustavo Batista, University of São Paulo
Brandon Westover, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Qiang Zhu, University of California Riverside
Jesin Zakaria, University of California Riverside
Eamonn Keogh, University of California Riverside
2011Leakage in Data Mining: Formulation, Detection, and AvoidanceShachar Kaufman, Tel-Aviv University; et al.
Saharon Rosset, Tel-Aviv University
Claudia Perlich, Media6Degrees
2010Large linear classification when data cannot fit in memoryHsiang-Fu Yu, National Taiwan University; et al.
Cho-Jui Hsieh, National Taiwan University
Kai-Wei Chang, National Taiwan University
Chih-Jen Lin, National Taiwan University
Connecting the dots between news articlesDafna Shahaf & Carlos Guestrin, Carnegie Mellon University
2009Collaborative Filtering with Temporal DynamicsYehuda Koren, Yahoo! Research
2008Fastanova: an efficient algorithm for genome-wide association studyXiang Zhang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; et al.
Fei Zou, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Wei Wang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2007Predictive discrete latent factor models for large scale dyadic dataDeepak Agarwal & Srujana Merugu, Yahoo! Research
2006Training linear SVMs in linear timeThorsten Joachims, Cornell University
2005Graphs over time: densification laws, shrinking diameters and possible explanationsJure Leskovec, Carnegie Mellon University; et al.
Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University
Christos Faloutsos, Carnegie Mellon University
2004A probabilistic framework for semi-supervised clusteringSugato Basu, University of Texas at Austin; et al.
Mikhail Bilenko, University of Texas at Austin
Raymond J. Mooney, University of Texas at Austin
2003Maximizing the spread of influence through a social networkDavid Kempe, Cornell University; et al.
Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University
Éva Tardos, Cornell University
2002Pattern discovery in sequences under a Markov assumptionDarya Chudova & Padhraic Smyth, University of California Irvine
2001Robust space transformations for distance-based operationsEdwin M. Knorr, University of British Columbia; et al.
Raymond T. Ng, University of British Columbia
Ruben H. Zamar, University of British Columbia
2000Hancock: a language for extracting signatures from data streamsCorinna Cortes, AT&T Laboratories; et al.
Kathleen Fisher, AT&T Laboratories
Daryl Pregibon, AT&T Laboratories
Anne Rogers, AT&T Laboratories
1999MetaCost: a general method for making classifiers cost-sensitivePedro Domingos, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
1998Occam's Two Razors: The Sharp and the BluntPedro Domingos, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
1997Analysis and Visualization of Classifier Performance: Comparison under Imprecise Class and Cost Di...Foster Provost & Tom Fawcett, NYNEX Science and Technology
PODS (Databases)
2014 Weaker Forms of Monotonicity for Declarative Networking: A More Fine-Grained Answer to the CALM-Co...Tom J. Ameloot, Hasselt University; et al.
Bas Ketsman, Hasselt University
Frank Neven, Hasselt University
Daniel Zinn, LogicBlox
2013Verification of database-driven systems via amalgamationMikołaj Bojańczyk, University of Warsaw; et al.
Luc Segoufin, INRIA
Szymon Toruńczyk, University of Warsaw
2012Worst-case Optimal Join AlgorithmsHung Q. Ngo, University at Buffalo; et al.
Ely Porat, Bar-Ilan University
Christopher Ré, University of Wisconsin
Atri Rudra, University at Buffalo
2011Data Exchange Beyond Complete DataMarcelo Arenas, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; et al.
Jorge Pérez, Universidad de Chile
Juan Reutter, University of Edinburgh
2010An Optimal Algorithm for the Distinct Elements ProblemDaniel M. Kane, Harvard University; et al.
Jelani Nelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David P. Woodruff, IBM Research
2009Size and Treewidth Bounds for Conjunctive QueriesGeorg Gottlob, University of Oxford; et al.
Stephanie Lee, University of Oxford
Gregory Valient, University of California Berkeley
2008Estimating PageRank on Graph StreamsAtish Das Sarma, Georgia Institute of Technology; et al.
Sreenivas Gollapudi, Microsoft Research
Rina Panigrahy, Microsoft Research
2007Generalized Hypertree Decompositions: NP-Hardness and Tractable VariantsGeorg Gottlob, University of Oxford; et al.
Zoltan Miklos, University of Oxford
Thomas Schwentick, Universität Dortmund
2006Two-variable logic on data trees and XML reasoningMikolaj Bojanczyk, Warsaw University; et al.
Claire David, Université Paris
Anca Muscholl, Université Paris
Thomas Schwentick, Universität Dortmund
Luc Segoufin, Université Paris
2005On the complexity of division and set joins in the relational algebraDirk Leinders & Jan Van den Bussche, Limburgs Universitair Centrum
XML data exchange: consistency and query answeringMarcelo Arenas & Leonid Libkin, University of Toronto
2004Conditional XPath, the first order complete XPath dialectMaarten Marx, University of Amsterdam
2003An Information-Theoretic Approach to Normal Forms for Relational and XML DataMarcelo Arenas & Leonid Libkin, University of Toronto
2002Monadic Datalog and the Expressive Power of Languages for Web Information ExtractionGeorg Gottlob & Christoph Koch, Technische Universität Wien
2001Optimal aggregation algorithms for middlewareRonald Fagin, IBM Research; et al.
Amnon Lotem, University of Maryland
Moni Naor, Weizmann Institute of Science
2000Auditing Boolean attributesJon Kleinberg, Cornell University; et al.
Christos Papadimitriou, University of California Berkeley
Prabhakar Raghavan, IBM Research
1999Exact and approximate aggregation in constraint query languagesMichael Benefikt & Leonid Libkin, Bell Labs
1998A lower bound theorem for indexing schemes and its application to multidimensional range queriesVasilis Samoladas & Daniel P. Miranker, University of Texas at Austin
Expressiveness of structured document query languages based on attribute grammarsFrank Neven & Jan Van den Bussche, Limburgs Universitair Centrum
1997On the Complexity of Database QueriesChristos H. Papadimitriou, University of California Berkeley
Mihalis Yannakakis, Bell Labs
SIGMOD (Databases)
2014 Materialization Optimizations for Feature Selection WorkloadsCe Zhang, Stanford University; et al.
Arun Kumar, University of Wisconsin
Christopher Ré, Stanford University
2013Massive Graph TriangulationXiaocheng Hu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; et al.
Yufei Tao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chin-Wan Chung, KAIST
2012High-Performance Complex Event Processing over XML StreamsBarzan Mozafari, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; et al.
Kai Zeng, University of California Los Angeles
Carlo Zaniolo, University of California Los Angeles
2011Entangled Queries: Enabling Declarative Data-Driven CoordinationNitin Gupta, Cornell University; et al.
Lucja Kot, Cornell University
Sudip Roy, Cornell University
Gabriel Bender, Cornell University
Johannes Gehrke, Cornell University
Christoph Koch, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
2010FAST: fast architecture sensitive tree search on modern CPUs and GPUsChangkyu Kim, Intel; et al.
Jatin Chhugani, Intel
Nadathur Satish, Intel
Eric Sedlar, Oracle
Anthony D. Nguyen, Intel
Tim Kaldewey, Oracle
Victor W. Lee, Intel
Scott A. Brandt, University of California Santa Cruz
Pradeep Dubey, Intel
2009Generating example data for dataflow programsChristopher Olston, Yahoo! Research; et al.
Shubham Chopra, Yahoo! Research
Utkarsh Srivastava, Yahoo! Research
2008Serializable isolation for snapshot databasesMichael J. Cahill, University of Sydney; et al.
Uwe Röhm, University of Sydney
Alan D. Fekete, University of Sydney
Scalable Network Distance Browsing in Spatial DatabasesHanan Samet, University of Maryland; et al.
Jagan Sankaranarayanan, University of Maryland
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