Artificial Intelligence in Transportation (AIT) Lab

Artificial Intelligence in Transportation (AIT) Lab has been conducting cutting edge research on three major research thrusts: 1) causal artificial intelligence, 2) transportation safety and operations, and 2) infrastructure readiness for disruptive technologies. The Lab director Dr. Subasish Das has published 168 publications (132 peer reviewed journal articles, 30 research reports, and 6 book chapters). He is also the author of the book Artificial Intelligence in Highway Safety.

Dr. Das recently joined as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering program (Ingram School of Engineering) at Texas State University. Previously, he worked as an Associate Research Scientist at Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) for 7 years. He is still affiliated with TTI as a part time employee. Dr. Das more than 13 years of experience related to roadway safety, traffic operation, and connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technologies.

AIT lab has the experience of handling more than $7 million research funds. AIT lab aims to support federal and state agencies in solving transportation problems by applyting AI in solving real-world problems. The lab has developed several user friendly web tools, which are widely used by the stakeholders. AIT lab also believes in open source. The lab members actively share their codes in GitHub.



November, 2022: AIT Lab has been awarded a new TxDOT Project 0-7144 Developing a real-time decision support tool for urban roadways (Budget: $460K).

October, 2022: 24 papers (Dr. Das as author/co-author of 21 papers, Dr, Khan as author/co-author of 3 papers) are accepted at the 2023 TRB Annual Meeting.

September, 2022: Three papers of AIT Lab have been pubslished.